Extension of Third-Party Surveys Due to COVID-19

USCG Navigation Circulars(NVICs) and Policy

Document Number:D8 20-03 Change 1
Type of Document:MSIB
Published Date:July 31, 2020
Effective Date:July 31, 2020
Superseded NVICs:MSIB D8 20-03
Current Status:Effective
The document updates guidance concerning surveys conducted offshore by third-parties contracted to maintain compliance with USCG regulations for fixed / floating facilities.

Due to impacts from COVID-19, the USCG D8 OCS OCMI will consider, on a case-by-case basis, extending the requirement for third-party surveys associated with USCG regulated systems to September 30, 2020. Extensions will be considered for inspections related to firefighting and lifesaving equipment, lifeboat servicing, fire extinguishers, and fixed firefighting equipment. Operators are expected to reach out to the District 8 OCS OCMI office to request an extension under this MSIB at least seven days prior to expiration, and to continue performing that maintenance that would regularly be completed by the crew onboard the facility.

This extension does not apply to systems regulated by other government organizations and is not applicable to units that are subject to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) or the International MODU Code. For these vessels, it is recommended to contact the applicable Flag State.
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