COVID-19 – Port and Facility Operations - Change 1

USCG Navigation Circulars(NVICs) and Policy

Document Number:07-20 (Change 1)
Type of Document:MSIB
Published Date:April 17, 2020
Effective Date:April 17, 2020
Superseded NVICs:07-20
Current Status:Effective
In conjunction with COVID-19 guidance provided to commercial vessels by the USCG in MSIB 02-20 (as amended) and MSIB 06-20, the USCG has provided the following information to port and facility operators as it relates to COVID-19.

Facility operators must continue to comply with regulations in 33 CFR. Questions/issues that arise as a result of COVID-19 should be addressed accordingly, and any plans and manuals already approved/reviewed by the USCG. However, it is recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unique conditions that warrant special considerations.

Because of these concerns, the following is a list of clarifications/guidance to help ensure the safety and security of workers, ports, and facilities. Topics include:

Both Declarations of Security (DoS) and Declarations of Inspection (DOI) require signatures, of which electronic signatures are acceptable. If electronic signatures are not reasonable, in lieu of having one DoS / DOI with two signatures, two separate forms may be used. Specific details for the separate forms are provided on the MSIB.

Declarations of Security (DoS)
33 CFR 105.245 and approved Facility Security Plans require a DoS to be completed in certain situations, depending on the Maritime Security (MARSEC) level.

Declarations of Inspection (DOI)
33 CFR 156.150 requires a DOI to be completed before any transfer of oil or hazardous material to or from a vessel.

Seafarer's Access
Maritime facility operators are reminded they are not permitted to impede the embarkation / disembarkation of crew members as permitted under Seafarer's Access regulations.

Temporary Noncompliance Requests
33 CFR 105.125 discusses requests to operate while in temporary noncompliance with the facility security requirements.

Waste Reception Facilities
Garbage and Medical Waste in 33 CFR 158 regulations require all ports and terminals under the jurisdiction of the United States to provide vessels with reception facilities for garbage.

TWIC Enrollment Centers
If applicants are planning to visit an enrollment center, please use the “Find an Enrollment Center” feature at the bottom of the Universal Enroll website at: Enrollment Center locator to determine if the center is open and its hours of operation.
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