Novel Coronavirus Reporting Update

USCG Navigation Circulars(NVICs) and Policy

Document Number:D8 20-02
Type of Document:MSIB
Published Date:April 02, 2020
Effective Date:April 02, 2020
Current Status:Effective
Earlier guidance provided in MSIB 20-01 gave an overview of USCG guidance and continues to be relevant with the USCG approach to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). However, to avoid duplication of reporting for confirmed COVID-19 cases to both the Coast Guard D8 OCS OCMI and BSEE, BSEE has developed the capability for the offshore industry to report confirmed cases of COVID-19 via their electronic eWell permitting and reporting system.

As a result, confirmed cases of COVID-19 no longer need to be reported directly to the Coast Guard if they are entered into the BSEE eWell system, available at:

The Coast Guard is coordinating daily with the BSEE New Orleans Regional Office to maintain situational awareness and mitigate the risk of exposure for our inspectors and offshore workers. Questions concerning this bulletin should be sent to
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