NMC: COVID-19 - Merchant Mariner Credential Examinations Update - August 24, 2020

Regulatory Announcements

Date Posted:August 24, 2020
The National Maritime Center (NMC) is working to safely reopen all examination rooms. Each opening will be announced with guidance on how to schedule an examination.

The Coast Guard will initially prioritize examinations by:
  • Examinations that were previously scheduled but canceled due to COVID-19 REC closures
  • Mariners who previously sat for an examination and require a retest of one or two modules
  • Pilotage examinations
  • All others testing requests on a first-in, first-out basis

Due to social distancing requirements, exam room capacity is reduced by nearly 50 percent. For that reason, the NMC is looking at alternative means to provide examination services. Parties with suitable alternative locations should contact NMC1AIP@uscg.mil to coordinate potential examination activities.

Pilot Organizations:
For multiple Pilots / Apprentices ready to test and / or the local REC is not yet open for examinations, contact NMC1AIP@uscg.mil to coordinate examinations.

Industry Stakeholders:
For industry stakeholders aware of a need to test multiple mariners, are able to provide a suitable location for testing that meets CDC guidelines, and can coordinate the availability of mariners to test (minimum of five), stakeholders should contact NMC1AIP@uscg.mil to discuss the potential and requirements for conducting alternative methods of examination activities. Approvals will be subject to the availability of resources.

Mariners seeking examinations should frequently visit the NMC website and the Maritime Commons for updated instructions on examinations and REC reopenings.
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