COVID-19: Reminder for Consistent Operator Use of Operational Designations

Regulatory Announcements

Date Posted:July 17, 2020
In discussions between industry groups and agency representatives, BSEE has expressed concern that some operators do not align their facility operational designation with those outlined in OOC suggested guidance. BSEE and the Coast Guard use these guidelines as a basis for planning and coordination of inspections.

As a reminder, guidelines suggested by OOC's document, "COVID-19 Management Strategies for Offshore Energy Operations" provides the following operational designations or "flags" for facilities:
  • Green - All clear, no suspect cases
  • Yellow - Suspect case under investigation (until results indicate negative or positive, at which time will turn back to Green or Red)
  • Red - Confirmed case and status remains red until further information based on medical direction aligned with CDC guidance

The OOC Operational Designation guidelines may found here.

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