DOT Issues Guidance on Compliance with Drug & Alcohol Testing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Regulatory Announcements

Date Posted:March 23, 2020
This guidance document provides clarity to DOT-regulated employers, employees, and service agents on conducting DOT drug-and-alcohol testing given concerns about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

DOT is committed to maintaining public safety while providing maximum flexibility to allow transportation industries to conduct their operations safely and efficiently during this period of national emergency. The attached guidance on compliance with the DOT and modal drug and alcohol testing programs apply during this period of national emergency.

The instructions include guidance for instances where compliance may not be possible in certain areas due to the unavailability of program resources. If stakeholders are unable to conduct DOT drug or alcohol training or testing due to COVID-19-related supply shortages, facility closures, State or locally imposed quarantine requirements, or other impediments the guidance states that they are to continue to comply with existing applicable DOT Agency requirements to document why a test was not completed.

See the attached document for more information and instructions.
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