COVID-19 Update: J. Connor Consulting to Continue Offering Full and Additional Services

Regulatory Announcements

Date Posted:March 20, 2020
In response to the recent classification of the COVID-19 coronavirus as a global pandemic, and Governor Abbott's executive order, JCC has implemented a remote-working policy for our company. This policy will ensure that we can assist all clients with current and future needs while providing a safe working environment for all.

JCC leadership has been in contact with state and federal regulatory agencies regarding communication and tools for continued regulatory compliance. Our staff is equipped with the necessary technology and tools to provide the level of service and security that you expect from JCC.

JCC has discussed OSRP submittals, drills, and training with BSEE in order to ensure continued regulatory compliance. Plans have been put in place to conduct remote training and drills utilizing videoconferencing technology, and BSEE has agreed to allow OSRP submittals to be made electronically.

All regulatory and engineering consulting services will continue as usual including all plans, permits, PE certifications, well monitoring, SEMS, and others. JCC has video conference and teleconference capabilities to facilitate collaboration between our staff and our clients.

Integrity Management, & Response (IMR)
In addition, through a joint venture with Deep Sea Development Services (DSDS) and JCC, we can provide the following services through IMR:
  • WCD modeling
  • Fluid gradient modeling
  • Cap and Flow modeling
  • Transient multiphase flow modeling
  • Well integrity modeling (APB in WellCat, WCST, pressure response curves for soft shut-in)
  • Well control engineering providing (bullhead kill, dynamic kill, relief well design, directional/ranging program, plume modeling)
  • 24/7 availability to a source control response center
  • Fully staffed source control IMT filling all critical source control roles
  • Conditional Rate of Change (CROC) leak detection system not requiring any changes to existing safety system
  • Intervention readiness audit followed by Infrastructure documentation including associated specialty tooling

IMR's source control response center will be maintained in a fully functional state with no personnel allowed in the center ensuring industry has access to a COVID-19 free response center should the need arise. IMR's response center and personnel, as well as all services listed above, are available to industry through a variety of different retainer packages.

If you have any questions regarding any of IMR's services please contact:
Amir Paknejad, Ph.D., P.E., Director of IMR
Email: / Cell: (713) 471-5554

Primary contact numbers are listed below, but of course you can reach out to any of your JCC contacts at any time.

Primary Contact Information:
Lance Labiche, President and CEO
Phone: 504.427.3092

Scherie Douglas, Sr. Vice President
Phone: 832.315.7228

Allen Cowart, Vice President, Operations Safety & Compliance / Response Plans
Phone: 713.578.3388

Lincoln Stroh, Vice President, Safety & Environmental Management Services
Phone: 281.698.8537

Kelley Pisciola, Vice President, Federal Services
Phone: 713.456.9331

J. Connor Consulting will continue to monitor and respond throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

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