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Skills & Knowledge Management System (SKMS)
Are you prepared to answer the following questions?
  • Does your SKMS plan meet BSEE requirements?
  • How do you evaluate your contractors’ SKMS training plans
  • How do you verify that your contractors abide by your SKMS plan?
  • How do you verify that your contractors’ employees are competent to perform their duties?
  • If asked, could you produce SKMS training documentation dating back to October 15, 2002?
  • If you are concerned about your answers to any of these questions, J. Connor Consulting, Inc. (JCC) has a program to help you.
    JCC offers a complete Skills & Knowledge Management System. Our service provides worry-free, SKMS program management for all of your offshore operations.
    What does SKMS require?
    SKMS requires that you evaluate the SKMS training programs of your contractors and that you verify that all contractor personnel engaged in well control or production safety operations can perform their assigned duties. In addition, upon request of the BSEE, you must be able to provide copies of training documentation for personnel involved in well control or production safety operations for a 5-year period.
    What does our service provide?
    Our service will review your contractors’ SKMS training programs to ensure they are compatible with your SKMS plan. In addition, we will identify contract personnel working on your leases that have production safety or well control responsibility and then verify their production safety or well control training. Supporting documents will be maintained at JCC.

    JCC will also perform in-depth audits of contractors at our client’s request.
    More information?
    For more information, please contact Cecily Courtney or Abby Stepchinski at (281) 578-3388.