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Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) Services
SEMS Services
  • One-stop-shop for all SEMS services, including program development, implementation and maintenance
  • Prepare company SEMS standards and procedures documents
  • Provide SEMS management software – JCCSems. Provides web-based SEMS data tracking and analysis, including Personnel on Board (POB), Management of Change (MOC), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Training Verification (TV), and Equipment Monitoring (EM) via JCC’s website
  • Manage all SEMS documents via JCC’s Document Management System (DMS) services
  • Facilitate the operator’s “management commitment” by meeting with operations and management personnel on a quarterly basis to review the SEMS program for continuous improvement
  • Prepare Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) required Safe Work Practices plans
  • Conduct SEMS assessments of internal activities, contractor compliance and production facility readiness
  • Conduct Contractor Performance Evaluations
  • Conduct BSEE-required facility Hazards Analyses
  • Prepare BSEE-required facility Written Operating Procedures
  • Manage SEMS “projects” including drilling, workover, well servicing and construction activities
  • Prepare Pre-Startup Review checklists and handover documents when transitioning from construction or drilling to operations
  • Assist with BSEE SEMS audits; Corrective Action Plans and follow-ups with BSEE
  • Facilitate the BSEE-required SEMS annual program review
  • Conduct offshore compliance inspections, including testing personnel for their knowledge of Operating Procedures and Emergency Response & Control
  • Conduct Skills & Knowledge Management System Audits
USCG Enforcement Actions
JCC can provide assistance navigating Coast Guard enforcement regulations and working with the Captains of the Port (COTPs) to mitigate the impact of enforcement actions on your company, including:
  • CG-835, Notice of Merchant Marine Inspection Requirements
  • CG-4100, Boarding Reports
  • CG -5549, Notice of Federal Interest for an Oil Pollution Incident
  • Letter of Warning (LOW)
  • Notice of Violations (NOV)
  • Civil Penalties
SEMS Contractor Services
  • Sub-Contractor Performance Evaluations, Audits & Management
  • Prepare Documents - Bridging Agreements, Safety & Training Plans, Safe Work Practices, etc.
  • Management of Contractor Screening Sites (ISNetworld, PEC, PICS, etc.)
  • Customized JSA Forms with JSA Tracking
  • Online Tools – JSA, MOC and POB
Skills & Knowledge Management System Compliance (SKMS)
  • Assess and monitor contractor training compliance on behalf of operator
  • Assist with BSEE audits
  • Perform contractor Skills and Knowledge Management System audits
  • Prepare written SKMS plans in conjunction with written guidance from the Center for Offshore Safety
  • Assist contractors with SKMS and training plans
  • Perform contractor training gap analyses on behalf of the operator
Pre-Acquisition & Due-Diligence Audits
  • Conduct Phase I environmental assessments
  • Conduct physical plant assessment (provide full color reports with digital photos and discrepancy descriptions)
  • Conduct NORM surveys
  • Review compliance records
  • Provide written reports
Dry Chemical Waivers - Firefighting Risk Assessments
  • Conduct production facility fire hazards analysis
  • Prepare the BSEE-required Risk Assessments & submit for approval of chemical, in lieu of, water firefighting systems
Hazard Communications (HAZCOM)
  • Prepare OSHA-required HAZCOM plan
  • Conduct HAZCOM preparedness review
  • Conduct OSHA-required personnel training
Incident Tracking, Analysis & Investigations
  • Experienced investigations team
  • Conduct fact-finding investigations; gather & compile post-incident data
  • Prepare thorough investigative reports and recommendations
  • Track company-wide incident data & personnel man-hours; conduct analysis; prepare reports
Land Rig HSE Inspections
  • Inspect rigs for compliance with IADC requirements
  • Prepare digital photographic reports depicting all discrepancies
Marine Trash & Debris Program
  • Track contractor compliance
  • Provide required placards
  • Prepare BSEE-required Annual Certification Letter
Offshore Paperwork Monitoring (BSEE/USCG/EPA)
  • Ensure paperwork compliance
  • Monitor safety systems database reports for "red flags"
  • Conduct audits of field paperwork
  • Train personnel how to prepare and file required documents
Production Facility Inspections
  • Experienced inspection staff will perform Pre-BSEE inspections (detailed document, equipment and physical inspections)
  • Provide full color reports with digital photos and discrepancy descriptions, including the applicable regulatory citation
SEMS PIC Training
  • Train personnel (production, drilling and construction) in the fundamentals of SEMS
  • Students learn about each of the SEMS Elements
  • They then put that information to use in an instructor-led classroom exercise
  • Conduct testing and issue certificates
Other Training Offered
  • SEMS Awareness Training
NPDES/LPDES permitting services for offshore oil & gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico
  • EPA (OCS Gulf of Mexico and Texas territorial and coastal waters), and Louisiana DEQ (State territorial and coastal waters)
    • Prepare Notices of Intent and Notices of Termination to obtain/remove permit coverage for drilling/production activities
    • Review NPDES permit monitoring for discharge observations, flow monitoring, field and laboratory testing, etc.:
      • daily for drilling/completion/workover/PA activity
      • monthly for production monitoring
      • provide consulting guidance to oil & gas field crews performing NPDES monitoring
    • Review NPDES permit noncompliances and prepare noncompliance reports for submittal to agencies
    • Prepare quarterly Discharge Monitoring Reports for state and federal NPDES oil & gas permits (state and federal) as well as Texas Railroad Commission Tidal Disposal Permits
    • Provide liaison services between operators and EPA and LDEQ in interpreting permit requirements with respect to permit coverage, monitoring and reporting issues
Document Management Services
  • Maintain auditable SEMS Documents on behalf of Operator
  • Prepare BSEE Performance Measures Data-0131
  • Enter POB in our JCCSems Online System
  • Help Desk