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JCC Facility Inspection System
J. Connor Consulting, Inc. (JCC) has created a different kind of inspection system.

Traditional facility inspections consist of a “walk-through” followed by a written discrepancy list. Often though, there is uncertainty over exactly which fire extinguisher needs replacing or which handrail needs repair. Also, only some of the items are usually corrected and the "gig list" eventually falls to the bottom of the priority stack. What’s more, the gig list is usually not in a useful format for tracking repairs or for making management decisions. Our new system helps to alleviate those problems.

JCC conducts full production facility compliance inspections (MMS, USCG, EPA), and general health, safety & environmental inspections of drilling rigs.

Our Chief Inspector is Calvin Lawson. Calvin has over 25 years of environmental, health, safety and production experience in oil and gas operations. His areas of expertise include production safety systems, waste management, logistics coordination, incident investigations and risk management.

Once JCC completes the on-site work the information is entered into a database and a concise report is generated (see sample). The easy-to-read report format, with digital photographs, helps ensure that all parties, from the CEO to the field hands, have a clear understanding of the problems involved. Once the problems are resolved, field personnel can enter the corrective information on the simple report form and return it to the office for review and filing. This process helps to close the information loop.
Inspection Types
We are available to conduct inspections ranging from brief walk-throughs to detailed document, equipment, and physical plant audits. Our inspector takes pride in conducting thorough and professional inspections with the goal of preventing accidents and civil penalties.
JCC System Benefits
  • Clarity - Digital photographs alongside written item descriptions ensure that problems are clearly identified.
  • Consistency - Each item has multiple references including client name, platform ID, and inspection date.
  • Convenience - Report pages may be faxed to the Person-In-Charge for follow-up action. Blanks are included for corrective information.
  • Citations - Each item is listed with the applicable regulatory citation so that its significance and urgency are clear.
  • Data Queries - Items are categorized and stored in a database to allow for analysis of problem areas.
  • Contact Information
    Please contact Calvin Lawson at (281) 578-3388 for more information.