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EPA Compliance Monitoring
  • Do you have an EPA NPDES compliance system?
  • Does your company comply with all EPA NPDES monitoring & reporting requirements?
  • Did you know that operators can be penalized up to $27,500 per day for each violation?
  • Do you keep accurate EPA NPDES records for at least 3 years, as required by EPA?
  • If you are uncertain about your EPA compliance posture, please contact J. Connor Consulting, Inc. (JCC). We offer complete EPA NPDES compliance monitoring including the following services:
    Platform and Well Monitoring:
    Monitor daily overboard discharges from the time the rig moves on location until the rig moves off location. This includes data collection, telephone conversations, emails and faxes, review of NPDES discharge data reports, correspondence and liaison with field personnel/office personnel & labs, and preparation of summary spreadsheets with which all data is tracked and recorded. Also, JCC NPDES forms are provided and other helpful information, updates and reminders sent out as necessary.
    EPA Annual Discharge Monitoring Reports:
    We prepare Federal, Coastal and Territorial annual Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and submit them to the EPA and other appropriate government agencies.
    Non-Compliance Reports:
    We issue non-compliance reports if exceedances occur.
    JCC will help you prepare for and respond to Administrative Order Hearings and other official EPA actions, if they should occur.
    Contact Information:
    Please contact Denise Rogers at (281) 578-3388 for more information.